A community
of sports lovers
We believe that through sport, together, we can build a better world.
Athletes are essential to transmitting solid values, promoting a healthy culture, cultivating a stronger community and helping supporters have fun.
Therefore, we aim to empower athletes to surpass their own boundaries and to achieve their full potential while helping them become an exemplary inspiration for the sports lovers’ community.
Our values
We are our athletes’ professional family and are committed to their dreams. We strive for a close and honest working relationship with them.
We are a team of sports lovers that are focused on our athletes’ progress. Ambition is an innate value to all our members, staff and clients.
We believe that athletes must be brave to achieve their goals and so do we. Therefore, we promote innovative actions based on our experience and know-how.
We are creative in a holistic way to anticipate trends. Our team is innovative in our problem solving and in avoiding standard solutions. We think out of the box.
Sport is a powerful tool. We want the bewolfish community to be exemplary and we encourage athletes to be dignified, noble and respectable role models.
Wolfish is a restless attitude. It is successful athletes who are brave, ambitious, and committed. Athletes who aim to be an inspiration for others.
and ambition
The Bewolfish team working in its offices in Girona.
Bewolfish has been created by a team of athletes that have competed in different disciplines.We’ve seen firsthand the problems athletes face; coordinating several especialists, building a solid personal brand, making money from it… and competing!

After years working on several companies specialized in performance, marketing, and communication,the idea of offering a holistic service to make athletes’ life easier started to take shape.
Our passion for sports, our know-how on the field, and our ambition to help athletes succeed, led us to create Bewolfish.

The Bewolfish team working in its offices in Girona.