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By James Daily, seasoned content marketing writer and contributor to blogs that relate to content development, social media marketing, and spreading brand awareness. 

Social media has changed the way how sports stars develop and promote their image. The most famous athletes of today have understood that they need social media to stay in touch with their fans and build a strong online image. Reporters across the world use it to stay updated with what the biggest sports stars do. Moreover, top fans keep an eye on Instagram and Facebook to find out when their favorite athlete has made a major change in their performance.

Furthermore, sports stars have taken very seriously the content they publish on social media, as it not only helps them increase visibility but to also attract sponsors. Some of the most popular tools they use are the following:

  • Grammarly – prevents sports stars from making any spelling or grammar errors which can seriously damage their image.
  • TopAustraliaWriters – this is one of the most legit writing services that many sports stars, especially Australian ones, rely on.

Cristiano Ronaldo

The Portuguese football star is undoubtedly the most popular sports celebrities on social media, counting almost 150 million followers on Instagram and 125 million likes on Facebook. “All this influence has definitely paid off. One post coming from Cristiano on social media can reach approximately $730,000 in branding and marketing. Apart from promoting his personalized and branded products, Cristiano satisfies the curiosity of his fans with posts about his personal life”, says Michael Stevens, author and marketing director at 99homeworkhelp.com.  

This shouldn’t come as a surprise if you know that fact that he actually has about six people who actively work on his social media presence. They are there to ensure that his posts are interesting and timely.

Serena Williams

Serena is a top influencer totaling a social media influence of 26.5 million, out of which 10.1 million followers are on Instagram. She is one of the biggest influencers when it comes to promoting sports brands, developing successful partnerships with popular brands.

A quick check of her social media profiles shows that 90% of her Facebook posts are usually promoting a brand or a product. Serena intelligently manages to combine branded posts with content about personal projects. Not only does she focuses on posting breathtaking photos, but she also puts effort into adding clever descriptions. This has helped her to build a strong social media presence.


Dwayne Johnson

With over 100 million Instagram followers, Dwayne Johnson is a true force of nature when it comes to social media promotion, being open to constantly communicate with his fans even at his own expense. “His charm and active presence engage many fans around the world, who are anxiously waiting for news about his projects. In addition, Dwayne promotes his philanthropic projects, which increase his popularity even higher”, says Michele Thomspon, social media specialist at BestUKWriters.

This only shows how important it is to keep ongoing communication with followers. Just posting pictures and statuses can’t do the trick if you aren’t willing to create a relationship with your subscribers and followers.

Lebron James

His 108.2 million total followers on social media (Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter) have positioned Lebron on top 5 of the most influencing sports stars. The past years have caught Lebron using social media to be himself.

McDonald’s campaign has revealed a different face of the superstar. The behind-the-scenes footage has shown a funny and energetic person. This strategy helped him attract even more fans. Being open to show a more personal side to the people can really play an important role in building a social media army.

David Beckham

David has chosen to build his social media presence only through Facebook and Instagram. Despite being a retired football player, David Beckham has gathered more than 100 million fans on social media. He keeps them engaged on Instagram with images of his personal life and soccer events.

Moreover, David has built a solid brand through social media, collaborating with several popular brands and promoting charitable causes. This willingness to show his personal life on one side and encourage others to do good deeds on the other has proven to be a recipe for a successful social media campaign.

Social media is more than a place where sports stars can share stories about the brands they are collaborating with or personal projects. It is also a place which athletes can use to acknowledge their fans appreciation and thank them for their loyalty.

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