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By Carlota Molas, communication director at bewolfish, graduated in Business Administration and Advertising and PR, and Political Communication MSc from the University of Glasgow.

Rubén López, artistic gymnast of the Spanish National team and Olympic in London 2012, talks about his YouTube channel, warmaxinso, and his already very popular tutorials.

Every athlete has wake up someday in the morning with zero desire to go to train. According to Rubén, the key is to have a “clear and ambitious objective that only picturing how bad you would feel if you do not finally achieve it, generate in you an energy and motivation that makes you train at the 200% even when you don’t feel like it”.

A kind of motivation that also pushes him to keep his YouTube channel updated with very popular tutorials. “The goal of my channel is to help all my subscribers with my knowledge and experience as an Olympic athlete,” explains Xinso.

But, how do you start creating a successful YouTube channel? It all started when one of his best friends insisted him to show his lifestyle on the Internet. To show how a high-level athlete trains, how he eats, what kind of mental training he does… Finally, he was convinced and started in the Youtube world. Step by step and with constancy and commitment, he has been connecting with his followers and creating useful tutorials for them, until he has built a community of more than 24,000 subscribers.

 Here you have one of his most successful tutorials:

For those who cannot train in a space like the one in the video, Rubén details us some exercises you can do anywhere: 

  • Triceps rings: Triceps in parallel or if you do not have parallels, triceps push-ups on the ground with joined hands, or triceps bottoms with a raised bench.
  • Pectoral openings in rings: Lying face up on a bench, pectoral openings with dumbbells or weights.
  • Press to handstand on floor: Static handstand against the wall or front dumbbell lifts with extended arms.
  • Ground floor exercise: 1 minute running at high intensity.
  • Displacements without arches: Hold iron upside down and face down with weight at the waist.
  • Vertical flights: Static wall handstand or front dumbbell lifts with extended arms.

A final recommendation from Rubén: “If you are new to this world, I recommend doing the Intense Full Body routine or the shoulder program once a week. If your level is medium you could do two days per week Intense Full Body Circuit and one day the shoulders program. If your level is advanced, you could do the Intense Full Body Circuit two or three days a week and two days the shoulders program”.

We hope you like it and we encourage you to try Rubén’s routines!

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